What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee, we hear you think, frisbee that’s what you play with dogs or on the beach right? Think again! Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced tactical team sport in which your goal is to catch the disc in the endzone of the other team. It is played both indoor and outdoor and has elements of all sorts of different sports. Frisbee is a non-contact sport and there is no referee, so fair play is really important. This makes for a nice vibe on and off the field. To score points, teamwork is essential.

How it’s played

Ultimate is played in two teams of seven (outdoor) or five (indoor) players and one disc. The outdoor field is 100 by 37 meters. Indoor we play on a handball field. Both ends of the field are marked by an endzone, you score a point by catching the disc at the opposing teams endzone.

To kick off each point the disc is thrown from the endzone of the defending team to the offending team. The offence then picks up the disc and starts their play. The further the pull is thrown the more distance the offence must cover before they can score in the opposite endzone. When a player is holding the disc, they cannot walk. The player must therefore, within 10 seconds, throw the disc to their teammate successfully to reach the opposite side of the field.

The opposing team will obviously try to stop this by intercepting the disc or forcing a mistake and creating a turnover. Every time the offence is broken off by this, the offence immediately becomes defence and vice versa. Now the opposing team gets a chance to score a point.

The winner is the first team to reach 15 points or the team that has scored the most points when the time runs out. Easy as that!


Want to know more?

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