Confidential advisors

What does the confidential advisor do?

We, Lydia and Sylke, are the confidential advisor of the BFrisBee2’s. That means that we can offer all members a listening ear. In particular, you can go to us if you are experiencing improper behaviour like bullying, aggression, discrimination, sexual intimidation, or abuse of power. We are also concerned with the integrity of the association. As a member this means that you can always come to us with whatever you want to talk about, we will listen and be there for you. You are in control, we won’t do anything without your permission. Do not hesitate to talk to us, whether you want to take action or have a conversation with (one of) us, you can always come to us.

Who are we?

Heya! My name is Sylke, I am 22 years old and live in Nijmegen. I have been a member of the BFrisBee2’s for about one and a half years and I try to be at every training and many competition days. Since the beginning of this year I am in the board of the association as the chair. I am in my fourth year of a combination studies of primary school teacher at the HAN and pedagogical sciences at the RU. I love doing sports, making music, drawing and playing games. I also like helping others, by offering a listening ear and providing solutions if that is asked for. Always feel free to talk to me (before/at/after training for example) or send me a message, I don’t always answer phone calls but you can try :).

Hi, I am Lydia, 24 years old and have been living in Nijmegen for about 5 years. I've been a member of the BFrisBee2s since August 2022 and I enjoy coming to the training sessions and competition days as much as possible. After doing a bachelor's degree in International Business Communication and a master's degree in Linguistics, I thought it would be nice to do another abbreviated bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy, so I am currently working on that a lot. Besides being busy with my studies, I enjoy playing guitar, playing sports, reading and being involved with language. I also like helping others, so if I can do something for you, don't hesitate to send me a message, give me a call or come and see me before/at/after a training session. I am happy to listen and think along if there is a need.


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