The BFrisBee2's has eleven committees. Eight of these committees are regular committees and therefore always exist. We have informal committees, which are mainly aimed at making our association even more fun, and formal committees, which are mainly concerned with the administrative and organizational part of the association. In addition, we have committees that do not exist all year round. Some committees are only set up for a specific event. Our association has three of such ad hoc committees.

Regular committees

Informal committees:

Activities committee

This committee (a.k.a. the Actie) organizes activities about once a month. In the past years we have had bowling tournaments, droppings, disc golf, pubquizzes, karaoke and game nights.

Borrel committee

This committee will be responsible for organising monthly borrels. They will also be responsible for the New Yearsborrel. 

PR committee

The PR committee makes sure we have enough materials to promote our organization at e.g. the introduction market or other events. The committee also controls our Instagram (@nsfv_bfrisbee2s). Lastly, they come up with small campaigns to promote our sport and club throughout the year.

Editorial (club magazine)

Thrice a year our members receive a club magazine, called 'de Schreeuw', designed by our committee. This magazine is filled with fun columns, puzzles, pictures and more.


The webmasters have built this website from the ground up and make sure it stays up to date. They always try to come up with more pages and functions for it.

Formal committees:

Advisory committee

The advisory committee provides the board with solicited and unsolicited advice.

Continuity committee

This committee becomes active if the board becomes inhibited and the association is without a board. 

Audit committee

The audit committee checks the accounts of the association and ensures that the treasurer cannot engage in fraudulent practices.

Technical committee

The technical committee consists of the commissioner of sports and trainers of the club. They sign up teams for competitions and tournaments and make sure the teams are filled.

Ad hoc committees

Lustrum committee

Every five years, our lustrum is celebrated on a grand scale. The organization of this is in the hands of the lustrum committee. Our next lustrum will be our 30th anniversary, celebrated in 2024!

Right to Play committee

This committee organizes our annual indoor beginners tournament. They do this in collaboration with the ultimate association of Delft. The proceeds of this tournament will go to the Right to Play foundation.

Schreeuw van de Meeuw committee

Our annual tournament, de Schreeuw van de Meeuw, is organized by this committee. The tournament usually takes place in early November. This committee starts organizing about six months in advance. They come up with the theme and arrange the registration of teams, the reservations of the sports halls and the party, the organization of games at the tournament and of course the division of the teams into brackets and groups.

Batavieren committee

This committee is responsible for the organisation of our Batavierenrace-team. The Batavierenrace is a yearly event, where teams run a total of 170km from Nijmegen to Enschede. After the run, a big party is held in Enschede. 2023 will be the first year our association will be looking to sing up a team. 

BOS committee

This committee used to be part of the activities committee, but since 2022/2023 it has become a standalone committee. The BOS committe organizes the yearly BOS weekend ('BFrisBee2's Op Stap weekend) for our members. The weekend is filled with fun, games, sports and plenty of outdoor activities.