As well as an active board BFrisBee2’s has a couple of committees to keep our club running. You can read more about them below.

Activities committee

This committee (a.k.a. the Actie) organizes activities about once a month. In the past years we have had bowling tournaments, droppings, disc golf, pubquizzes, karaoke and game nights.

The Actie also organizes the annual BOS weekend (‘BFrisBee2’s Op Stap-weekend’) which is a weekend away with our members.

PR committee

The PR committee makes sure we have enough materials to promote our organization at e.g. the introduction market or other events. The committee also controls our Instagram (@nsfv_bfrisbee2s). Lastly, they come up with small campaigns to promote our sport and club throughout the year.

Schreeuw committee (club magazine)

Thrice a year our members receive a club magazine, designed by our committee. This magazine is filled with fun columns, puzzles, pictures and more.

Schreeuw van de Meeuw committee (tournament)

Every year we host our own tournament called Schreeuw van de Meeuw. The tournament is hosted in October or November. The committee starts getting together about six months in advance to think up a theme, arrange the sign up for teams, fix reservations for the sleeping accommodations and party. They also think of anything else the tournament needs to become a great success.

Technical committee

The technical committee exists of the commissioner of sports and trainers of the club. They sign up teams for competitions and tournaments and make sure the teams are filled.


The webmasters have built this website from the ground up and make sure it stays up to date. They always try to come up with more pages and functions for it.