During both the indoor and outdoor season, there are plenty tournaments for members to join, either with a BFrisBee2's team, or as a pick-up. You'll be playing lots of frisbee, having fun and partying. So here is a list with things to bring with you:

  • Shoes, shirts (2 colours, usually white and orange), shorts, hoodie/longsleeve, joggingpants (or something to keep you warm), party outfit;
  • Sleeping mat and bag, shower stuff, toothbrush and paste, toiletries, earplugs, sleeping mask;
  • Charger, water bottle, food and snacks, cutlery, plate. 

Now you don't necessarily need every item on this list, but it is smart to think about what you need for sports, party, shower and sleep. And bring enough food/snacks for during the day. You usually get dinner and breakfast (breakfast on the sunday morning). 

And don't forget the most important thing to bring to tournaments, a great frisbee spirit!


An overview of tournaments we might play