Are you interested in finding out what Ultimate Frisbee is all about?
Then join us on Wednesday the 8th of February at 21.00 to train with us!

Women+ training

Are you interested in what Ultimate Frisbee is all about, or do you already have experience and like to join a fun training? Then come to our special women+ trainings!
These trainings are intended for women and everyone playing within the women's division (female matching players). Experience with the sport is not necessary.
The trainings are free and you don’t need to sign up. It is also possible to attend just one training. For those who want, there will be drinks afterwards!

Monday January 30th & February 6th
17:30 – 19:00
Sports hall ‘t Hert



We are the Student Frisbee Association in Nijmegen: BFrisBee2's. Besides multiple practices a week, we organize activities at least once a month. Think about game nights or bowling tournaments, but also a weekend trip with all our members. We participate in the Dutch competition on multiple levels and you can often find us at tournaments.

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Discover our sport

The Radboud Sports Centre offers multiple Ultimate Frisbee Courses a year. This is a good start to get to know our sport and club. In the beginner course you will learn the basics of throwing and a bit of field play. Take a look at the website of the RSC for more information. We also have a club practice. During these practices we focus on tactics and perfecting our throws. Would you like to try it out sometime? Or are you looking for other information about our club. Send an email to!