About the BF2's

Welcome to the Student Ultimate Frisbee Association of Nijmegen: BFrisBee2s! Besides multiple practices a week, we also have many activities for our members such as our annual BOS weekend (‘BFrisBee2’s Op Stap Weekend’), bowling tournaments, droppings, disc golf, pubquizzes, karaoke, game nights and more.

Competition & tournaments

We compete in the three national Ultimate Frisbee competitions: the mixed, the indoor and the outdoor competition. Each competition is hosted in three or four competition days during which you compete against other teams in our country.

We also participate in tournaments in the Netherlands and abroad.

Finally, we organize our own tournament called ‘Schreeuw van de Meeuw’. This is an indoor tournament held at the start of the indoor season.


A membership with BFrisBee2’s costs only 30 euros a year. This membership also includes a membership with the Dutch Frisbee Federation. If you sign up after Januari 1st a membership only costs you 20 euros until the end of the semester (September 1st). To become a member, you do need to have a sportscard at the Radboud Sportscentre. You can get a sportscard at the desk at the sportscentre or through their website.

As a member you are allowed to attend all practices, participate in activities, and attend tournaments.

Excited about joining our club? You can become a member through the sign up form on our website.